Comprehensive Services to Fit Your Child's Needs

Father Helping Son With Homework In Kitc


• 1 hour comprehensive, in-home evaluation

• Assessment of academic and emotional strengths and challenges

• Development of a Homework Therapy Plan that includes individualized strategies and recommendation, which will be reviewed upon completion

*Review and integration of any prior testing and assessments will be billed at an additional charge of $250 when applicable.


5 hours of Individualized Homework Plan implementation with a combination of the following services:

• Personalized meetings with your child to introduce, implement, and practice tailored homework strategies

• Parent consultation meetings in your home or our office

• Analysis and comprehensive explanation of psychological testing, neuropsychological evaluations, 504

plans, and/or Individual Education Plans (IEP)

• Family meeting to address communication style and execution of homework tasks

• Consultation with your child's providers as needed (school staff, psychiatrist, pediatrician, therapist, tutor, etc.)

• Phone, email, text, video support/consultation for you and/or your child

• Case management and resource development


• Hours beyond initial package ($250/hour)


• The Homework Advisors currently provides services in Newton and the surrounding communities as well as parts of Metro-West

• When travel goes beyond the typical geographical area of your Advisor, an additional travel fee may be assessed


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