We are a team of licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, and mental health counselors with decades of experience in private practice helping children, teens, and their families. Our work with clients is dynamic, thoughtful, interactive, and solution-focused. Throughout our work experience, we have noticed that homework has increasingly become a major source of stress. Homework is causing anxiety, avoidance, meltdowns, and family conflicts, leaving children and parents feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. The Homework Advisors addresses the social-emotional and behavioral challenges of homework that traditional therapy and tutoring cannot address. Along with private practice experience, your Homework Advisors have experience working with both private and public schools at all grade levels, as well as universities and medical settings. Our unique approach provides individualized strategies to relieve homework stress, improve emotional well-being, and encourage mastery and independence.  

Our Team:

Stacy H. Kaplan, LICSW 

Colleen Mills Kurson, LMHC
Elana Schlesinger November, Psy.D. 

Margo Porter, LICSW